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The Use of Pheromone Traps for Control of Ips typographus L. in Türkey

Yaşar AKSU tarafından yazıldı
30 Haziran 2018 Cumartesi

The Use of Pheromone Traps for Control of

Ips typographus L. in Türkey

Temel GÖKTÜRK1               Yaşar AKSU2

1Artvin Coruh University, Forest Faculty, Artvin Turkey. temel.gokturk@gmail.com

2Artvin Regional Forestry Managgement, Artvin, Turkey

There are about 6000 species of bark betle worldwide with over 200 species in Turkey. The spruce bark betle Ips typographus L. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) is the most important secondary pest of European spruce (Picea orientalis L.) in North-east Turkey. The eight-toothed spruce bark betle (Ips typographus) is the most serious insect pest in Black Sea region forests in Turkey. In the Black Sea region forests, mortality of P.orientalis because of attacks by The European spruce bark beetles can result in significant timber losses. Between 1998-2011 there was killed the equivalent of 2 million cubic metres of spruce timber within 297.396 ha area of Artvin, Turkey

            The pest was first recorded in Arvin Province in 1984. Since then, it has spread to all over the oriental spruce forests in Eastern Black sea region of Turkey. There are many different control methods for I.typographus. efforts to control the betle outbreak led to the widespread use of pheromone baited traps in Turkey forests and systematic trapping has been conducted annually since 1998 in Atvin to monitor betle populations and predict outbreaks. In the 13 years experiments, a pair of traps was positioned at each sampling point with the upper end of the trap at breast height(1.5 meter). The trap pairs had a gap of approximately 40 meters between the funnel traps. The traps in late April was hanged and emptied and then removed on mid of September. The traps were inspected, emptied and the beetles were counted in every 14 days,.

             Ipstyp pheromone was used for control in multifunnel traps. In total 382.753.778 I.typographus beetles were caught in Artvin with 133.122 pheromone funnel traps in 1998-2001. Spring captures were always higher than summer captures (second generation). Similarly, the proportion of trapped males was always higher in spring than in summer. With used pheromone traps natural balance of I.typographus has been provided.

            Yayın yeri: Göktürk, T.; Aksu, Y.; The Use of Pheromone Traps for Control of Ips typographus L. in Türkey. International Scıentıfıc Conference Biological Plant Protection, Problems and Contemporary Achievemensts Book of Abstracts, Agrıcultural Üniversity of Georgia, 2012 Sayfa 11 Tiblisi Georgia.



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