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A Damaging Insect without Border along the Turkey-Georgia Borderland, “Ips typographus”

Yaşar AKSU tarafından yazıldı
21 Nisan 2018 Cumartesi

A Damaging Insect without Border along the
Turkey-Georgia Borderland, “Ips typographus”

1Temel GÖKTÜRK                             2Medea BURJANADZE

1Yaşar AKSU                                2Archil SUPATASHVİLİ

1Artvin Çoruh University and Artvin Regional Directorate of Forest, Turkey 

2Gürcistan Cumhuriyeti Vasil Gulisashvili Forest Institute - Tiflis/ Gürcistan


            Various needs of ever-increasing population in the 21st century we live in are mainly satisified by natural resources. Forests have an increasing importance in respect to being one of these resources as they help to provide a livable environment for all the livings in the World; thus, they have to be protected in order to keep their sustainability. Biological factors, most importantly insects, are the leading treat in damaging forest resources. Such treat  has caused thousands of trees to die in oriental spruce (Picea orientalis) forests in Artvin-Turkey and Batumi- Georgia, Turkey and Georgia, as they have being attacked by bark beetles fort he last decade. Population of Ips typographus L. (eight stitched bark beetles), one of the most observed insect species in this forests, has grown so much fort he last few years that it has started to reach an epidemic status.
            Directorates of Artvin and Georgia Forest District have been using biological fight against the damage of this insect by placing pheromone  traps in border forests in 2005-2006. Using this method has not been a total success and requires a continual of such expensive efforts. Success rate fort he fight againts this insect may be increased by integrating the method of using pheromone traps with other methods including biological fight known as one of the most important methods in such efforts.

Yayın yeri: Göktürk,T.; Burjanadze,M.; Aksu,Y.;  Supatashvili,A.; (Turkey and Georgia), A Damaging Insect without Border along the Türkey-Georgia Borderland, “Ips typographus” Shota Rustaveli State University Press, Batumi, International Conference Batumi-Spring, May 2010 Sayfa,34


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